12 months old baby

Question: Please suggest what typ of toys make interest in 1 year old baby boy

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Answer: Hi! As your baby has started sitting up you have a lot of option which even helps to develop motor skill. **Stacking toys: Helps in hand -eye coordination and fine motor skill. **O Ball Rattle car: Helps to develop grip in babies * *Developmental bumpy ball: Helps in tactile sensitivity and helps in reaching and grasping. Things you need to remember while shopping toys: * Please buh wooden stuff if baby has a habit of mouthing. * Please dont ever buy a toy with button battery. * Please consider age factor before buying. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can someone please suggest me the best diet chart of 1 year baby boy
Answer: Hi Mum as your baby has got good teeth now you can make your baby to taste all food you prepare start the Baby's Day with a cup of milk and for 5 soaked and skin peeled Almonds for breakfast you can give idly arata uttapam Khichdi Pongal for health mix powder Ragi Malt oats Khichdi or oats porridge for lunch you can give rice with dal vegetable kurma third fish curry chicken meat liver egg for dinner you can give me the tiffin for rice with radius or chapati for snacks we can give fruits dry fruit lentil chickpea Mondal around 5:00 p.m. you can give cup of badam milk preferably homemade badam powder and a slice of bread with butter or Champ or bread omelette
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Question: Best toys for 1 year old baby boy??
Answer: Hi dear one year old baby can play with toys such as building blocks cars and different shapes toys that they should fix in the particular box give balls of different colours and put trays of same colour so that baby put particular colour ball in that box this all help to improve baby's creativity hope it helps you good luck
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Question: My 1 year old baby boy has diaper rash. please suggest remedies
Answer: Use aloe vera gel on his soft skin whenever he wear diapers take it off. And also please don't bear him with diapers (only when going in a trip or something else) *
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