20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Please suggest the months of taking pregnancy vaccine and flu vaccine

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Question: Please suggest the exact month if pregnancy vaccine and flu vaccine too..my edd is july end
Answer: Hi dear there is no exact month of vaccine or flu vaccine it is given it is prescribed to be taken in the second trimester and third trimester and any month you can take it there is no particularly suggested time to do that you need to take them within second trimester and within the third trimester your doctor will inform.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can you suggest me the name of flu vaccine .Because my doctor suggest me the vaccine but i think it costs lesser than she told me.So please suggest me with price also.
Answer: Hi Dear! You need to ask it to ur Dr. only and you can check the price online and vary with what she has told.. Hope this helps!
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Question: is flu vaccine is necessary in pregnancy months
Answer: If the flu is spreading in your area, the place where you stay then it is necessary to tak that vaccine
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