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Question: Please share trimester wise diet chart

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Answer: Dear here are few tips which you can follow throughout pregnancy Guidelines to follow when you are on pregnancy diet: 1. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and juices. 2. Consume food made of whole grain. 3. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables 4. Reduce intake of sugar and sweet dishes 5. Avoid consuming alcohol You can start your day with nutritious breakfast including: 1. 1 bowl of oat meal with fresh fruits 2. 2 slice of whole wheat bread toast withh butter and omelete 3. 1 glass low fat milk or orange juice 4. A vegetable omelet or vegetable sandwich Eat a balanced meal in your lunch like: 1. Any rice dish like vegetable rice, lemon rice. 2. 1 bowl chicken curry with rice. 3. 1 bowl spinach curry with rice as spinach is rich in folic acid and iron which is perfect for pregnant women. It is common to have frequent pangs when you are pregnant. Here some evening snacks idea: 1. Fresh fruits or fruits smoothie. 2. Handful of walnuts, almonds. 3. Wholegrain bars. 4. A cup of green tea. 5. Cheese or corn or vegetable sandwich. Keep your dinner light and have it early 1. You can repeat the ideas from your lunch.
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Question: Pls share diet chart for 2nd trimester
Answer: Hi dear,Food to eat when pregnant during the first trimester are the ones that support the development of the baby. Morning sickness and nausea may not help you in eating well, but you could definitely try taking as many nutrients as possible as part of your 2nd trimester pregnancy food diet...folic acid which helps to fight against birth difficulties green leafy vegetable is rich in folic acid....chicken,spinach,fish as it contains iron,...cabbage,leafy vegetables which is rich in calcium,..but don't take raw egg,fish like crabs,prawns,processed meat.May it will help,Take care.-
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Question: Please share the diet chart for second trimester
Answer: 1. 2 glasses of milk daily 2. 2 bowl of daal 3. Curd , salads, buttermilk, 4. Dry fruits 5. Whole grains 6. Seasonal fruits 7. Bowl of veggies 8. 4 litres of water daily 9. Protein rich diet 10. Iron rich diet like spinach, dates, kiwi, carrots, beetroot
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Question: Can you please share month wise height and weight chart?
Answer: Hii Its is reference purpose only. Not as exact. Age. Weight. Height in cms Birth. 2.6. 46.7 1mnt. 3.2. 49.5 2mnts. 4.5. 55.0 3mnts. 5.3. 58.4 4mnts. 5.9. 59.1 5mnts. 6.3. 62.0 6mnts. 6.7. 64.7 7mnts. 6.8. 65.0 8mnts. 7.0. 66.0 9mnts. 7.4. 68.2 1y. 8.4. 73.9 It is slighty vary from boy and girl.
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