34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Please share the reviews of nestle nangrow powder.? Baby likes tha taste or not.? Will it keeps the baby tummy full for long time.? I have introduced enfagrow to my 2 years baby but he does not like the taste and don't want to drink milk. Please help and suggest.

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Answer: I used the same for my first son. Seems to be good. But start the supplement after 6 months. Every two hours i fed the baby
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Question: currently I'm at 17 weeks. What I have to eat/drink to optimise my breast milk? any powder like Nestle Baby and Me,Sim Mom recommended? I'm consuming eggs and fruits daily but don't like to drink milk...
Answer: Natural nutrients are more beneficial than supplements.consumption of milk during pregnancy has been benefitting newborns during their early stages of life . pregnant women do get benefit as it is vital source of calcium and vitamin D which is good for your bones and baby's too.
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Question: My 2 month old baby is not feeding properly. When she keeps the breast in her mouth she sleeps and does not drink.. even if she drink ,she drinks very little. Please suggest something. Is she not getting enough milk?
Answer: Hi dear , babies do this many a times when they actually take the nipple in mouth and go to sleep... Discourage that and let it not be a habit.. dont think there would be an issue with milk supply though you can check by expressing and seeing.. you can wait for some time and when baby is hungry feed again... That way the baby gets into understanding that they have to suck and feed themselves. Dont worry its ok
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Question: Hello my 8th week of pregnancy is running, but I feeling full day nausia and feel like vomiting...and mouth taste is matelic kind, don't feel like to eat anything... What can I do reduce the problem??? Please help
Answer: It's the body reaction to hormonal change so try to adjust and eat healthy if u feel take some sour items like a piece of cut mango or leamon juic or jamunfruit
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Question: Hello, my baby is 7 month old... But she is very lazy... Does not roll over... Don't want to sit and does not crawl... Please help me
Answer: Hello dear,  Usually babies start crawling around 7 to 9 month of age, but this time can vary considerably. Some never crawl, preferring to pull themselves up and learn to walk instead. Others shuffle on their bottoms for a long time.  You can encourage this area of your baby s physical development by putting toys or other interesting objects in front of her – just outside her reach. But watch out, once babies can crawl effectively they will also successfully attempt to crawl up stairs. They won’t be able to come down safely at first, though. 
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