34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Please share the reviews of nestle nangrow powder.? Baby likes tha taste or not.? Will it keeps the baby tummy full for long time.? I have introduced enfagrow to my 2 years baby but he does not like the taste and don't want to drink milk. Please help and suggest.

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Answer: I used the same for my first son. Seems to be good. But start the supplement after 6 months. Every two hours i fed the baby
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Question: My baby is 5 month 20 days... I m still breastfeeding him.. Want to ask if I can have steamed modak made of jaggery and rice.... It will not have any effect on my milk??
Answer: Yes....u can eat anything after 3 months from delivery....but avoid citrus fruits because it may decrease ur breast milk.
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Question: I m dealing with relationship issues like to the verge of divorce and have been abused by my husband everyday .. i am taking extreme stress and i cry like everyday even for 5-6 hours continuous . Please tell my baby won't get harmed by this ? I'm really worried .. please help
Answer: Please dont take any stress... Its not good for you and your fetus, stress makes blood pressure highand heart problems,during pregnancy stress can increase the chances of a premature baby or a low birth baby....you and your husband go for relationships counseling and know what are biggest problems in your relationship.... Already you are pregnant dont go for divorce it was my advice please think about your baby... When baby is in your life your life would be changed
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Question: In this time I should avoid to wearing panty. Somebody told me this. I want to know reason. Which type of milk should I take now. If I don't take milk so my baby will become weak.
Answer: It does not matter if your wear a panty Or not. However it is recommended that when you go for an usg you should avoid wearing a panty Or leggings. Try to take full cream milk, it is good for you as it has calcium and try to get the fresh milk like buffalos milk.
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