13 months old baby

Question: Please help me, my 13 months old baby passing urine 25 times per day.... Is it normal or not? From the beggining he passes urine a lot but Dr said its normal and healthy too at the month of 7 he passes more(15 to 20) times again asked Dr she said no problem its normal afterwards i didnt think as bad but nowdays its quite high (20 to 25) Plzzz tell me im totally upset about that

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Answer: It is normAl...infact it is good 4 her health
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Question: My baby passing urine for 10 to 20 times per day he is on totally bm if it is normal and daily he use to go motion
Answer: Yes it is absolutely normal and feel proud that u got a healthy baby. Because if he is having breast milk and passing 10 20 times it denotes he is having good digestion system and if he is empty he will ask for milk again. Hope it helps
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Question: My baby boy 7months14days old. His Wight is 11kg. High is 69cm. He looks and miles stone reaches are normal. He is passing daily 25 times with 20-30ml per pasing. Is there anything problem with Wight and passing
Answer: Hello Peeing alot is a sign of a healthy fed baby but that pee count is 8 to 10 times a day. 25 times is too much dis can cause severe dehydration to the baby. The potential cause could be a urinary tract infection. Get ur baby checked as soon as possible.
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Question: my baby passing urine more than 20-25 times in day time but in night time only 1 r 2 times? is ths normal
Answer: What per day 20 times ah . Mam it's not normal kindly check with doctor is he s gaining weight check all .
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