4 months old baby

Question: Please anybody suggest me thing... Suffering from severe breast engorgement.... Doctor gave painkiller... No milk is coming on pumping.. When expressed by hand a little bit of milk comes and then starts coming in drops only.... Plz suggest something... M in roo much of pain

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Answer: Try to eat more garlic, bread, rusk soaked with milk, Britannia milk biscuits, you will get More milk.
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Question: Am i producing less milk if my breasts are not leaking?however when i press that area ,a few drops come out.but i m not able to express milk by a manual pump.only one spoon comes out after 5-10 mins of pumping.but even after pumping when i press in areola and nipple ,drops of milk come out.please guide
Answer: Hello Dear Mom So many feeding mothers are facing low breast milk supply....You are concerned about your little one’s health and growth, and want to do nothing less than the best. One of the most important questions that feeding moms have is what to eat during the feeding months that will ensure a good supply of milk.The feeding phase is one when a mother requires a lot of attention with regards to her food and health. Whatever you eat during this period is crucial to your post-delivery recovery. It will also directly affect the amount of milk that is produced.One of the best ways to increase milk supply is to keep on nursing your little one. Making milk from your baby is better than any other method to make milk in your body. The stimulations of the nerves during breastfeeding helps produce more milk in the breasts. The emptying of the milk signals your body to increase the milk production. If you feel your milk supply stills needs an improvement, then you should consider adding foods that promote milk production.There are certain foods that increase breast milk and enhance lactation. Breast milk contains all the prime nutrients required for an overall growth and brain development of a newborn baby...some are thr best foods to increase breast milk production * Oatmeal is loaded with energy.It contains fiber and is good for your digestion.Have a bowl of oat meal for breakfast...you can try having oat cookies instead. * Garlic is considered the best food to increase breast milk, as it is well-known for boosting lactation in nursing mothers.Scientificall has chemical compounds which help in lactation. * Spinach and beet leaves contain iron, calcium and folic acid.Mix them with dough and make paratha or chapattis for a meal.Remember to eat spinach in moderation as too much could cause diarrhea in your baby. Good Luck
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Question: I delivered baby on 7th of July by c section , till now I am not able to feed him, I am giving him powder milk as only one or two drops of milk is coming from my breasts, I press my breasts hard still only few drops are coming. Please suggest hw can I increase my breast milk and start feeding my baby
Answer: Hi as sometimes it may take time for lactation don't worry maintain a healthy diet and include green leafy vegetables beetroot drumsticks date dry fruits milk and milk products nuts peanut fruit beans legumes veggies rice oatmeal ragi garlic cloves fenugreek seeds and plenty of fluids which helps to increase breastmilk and feed your baby often which helps for milk production as breastmilk works on demand and supply mechanism so whenever baby demands you should feed your baby and try to express milk whenever possible it will help. Take care
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Question: I m 27 weeks pregnant but m suffering from severe caugh . Suggest something and also there is little movemoment of babay is every thing fine
Answer: Hi! No dear fever or cough will not harm your baby directly , if suddenly you feel less movement its advised to see the Dr. but its troublesome for you, for fever you can consult Doctor and have paracetamol its safe, for cough you can; *Dry ginger helps little. A small pinch of dry ginger powder with some jaggery, boil well and drink like tea. *Green tulsi tea also helps. *You can keep a small cinnamon in mouth, its safe and works well in cough. *Biting clove is also useful. *Honey lemon and ginger tea also is good. Good luck!
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