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Question: Please advice me. My Vitamine D is very low. And also my estrogen lubricant also is very less, So during sex the process becomes very stressful. I am 37 and my husband is 39. What shud we do?

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Answer: Dear for vitamin d you can get medication with doctor prescription. And for lube you can use any Lubricants and moisturizers they are effective in relieving pain during intercourse. You can check online sites to buy it or buy it from any chemist.
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Question: When my husband and me sex process is so painful what can I do
Answer: Hi dear, Intercourse should never be painful or uncomfortable,rather it should be pleasurable.there could be few reasons if you donot find it enjoyable: 1- not enough lubrication For that you need to involve in foreplay.increse th time in other sex activities other than intercourse directly 2- avoid stress Stress of work/home or conceiving could kill the joy of sex,which could make everything very try to relax and enjoy every bit of it. 3- certain medications could also effect your arousal and then lubrication 4- hormonal imbalances could effect your sex life to a great extent 5- internal issues like endometriosis,pcod,etc could also result in painful sex 6- check with doctor if any physical abnormalities are responsible with you or your partner which could cause pain.
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Question: Hy there. My vagina is very dry during sex or before sex. Can we use any lubricant for moisture. But I want to conceive.
Answer: Yes you can use as it helps the pennies to enter easily so you can use lubricant no problem with it take care
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Question: while we do sex together my wife feel so wett in her vegina is there any problems in that process
Answer: Dear the wetness is because of the heat in body and orgasm so its completely normal and there is nothing to worry about it..
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Question: hello doctor as i said you my husband is suffering from azoospermia and my husband is also suffering from loseness in penis whenever we try to have sex we can't because of looseness of penis so my question is what to do to cure the illness please suggest some remedy to cure this illness as we are very tired of this illness
Answer: Hi! I wud suggest you to consult Dr. fr this becz azoospermia reason need to be investigated whether it is due to obstructive or due to any hormonal disorders. After diagnosis, appropriate medication or procedure can be done to improve sperm count. At least 2 sperm analysis and blood tests to analyse blood hormone levels first needs to be done.. Hope this helps!
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