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Question: Please advice me. My Vitamine D is very low. And also my estrogen lubricant also is very less, So during sex the process becomes very stressful. I am 37 and my husband is 39. What shud we do?

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Answer: Dear for vitamin d you can get medication with doctor prescription. And for lube you can use any Lubricants and moisturizers they are effective in relieving pain during intercourse. You can check online sites to buy it or buy it from any chemist.
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Question: Hello.... The days are very stressful due to family one is in my support... My husband is Mummaa s boy and that give everybody a right to talk to me rudely... I live in a joint family... Also I m working woman... What should I do... I am worried about my baby... What if we get separated... Who will support me
Answer: Don't worry nothing will happen focus only on your baby ma keep praying once baby comes everything will as you is Important baby will be by your side things will change your brightest face is waiting for you
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Question: Whenever i do sex my abdomen become very tight and next day also it seems my baby is at very down position and very tight
Answer: no need to worry this is common bcse bby will get relaxed with uterine contraction with which ur stomach gets tightened
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Question: My baby is not getting enough blood flow and the weight is also low abt 800 gms plz tell me what to do
Answer: This is a serious complication if baby couldn’t get enough oxygen nutrient baby wouldn’t grow properly you should sleep on your left side or take all your medicine time to time. you should consult with your doctor .
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