33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Platelets down ..which diet should be follow to increase platelets count...

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Answer: Hi dear, Though platelet level drops during pregnancy,it is better if the level is atleast 150000. Although platelets above 100000 is considered safe range.now if you have c section ,u must keep your platelets ready if you need platelet transfusion,in heavy bleeding during the operation.your doctor would let you know the precautions before the operation too .meanwhile you can take following diet to increase platelet count: 1- fresh milk.it contains vitamin K,which helps to regenerate platelets 2- broccoli,kale,parsley are also rich in vitamin K and helps increasing platelets 3-carrots are excellent source to increase platelet count 4-lean meats and beans 5-pomegranate 6- garlic Boiled papaya leaves water help in steep decline platelet count.but some get loose motions consuming it .so watch out for your reaction.
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Question: How can increase my blood platelets count?
Answer: Hi, foods high in certain vitamins and minerals can help your body make and maintain platelets in your blood. A deficiency of B-12 has been associated with low platelet counts. The best sources of vitamin B-12 tend to be animal-based foods, such as: beef, liver, eggs, clams, milk and cheese Also you can have foods rich in folate like peanuts, black eyes peas, kidney beans , orange , orange juice , you can have iron rich foods like spinach , lentils , Vitamin C rich foods like cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers , also Papaya leaf extract will also increase platelet count. Hope this helps.
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Question: What diet chart to be follow to bring hypothyroid down?
Answer: Hllo dear u r trying for pregnancy. If u r suffreing wit thyroid then consult ur dr and take thyroid medicine regularly.. U should go 4 walk daily for 15 to 30 min..twice a day...try these remedies also... Take 2 spoon of coconut oil &mix it wit a glass of milk and drink it in night before bed time.., -Vit A s very useful to treating thyroid. ..add vit A rich eggs &carrorts in ur diet..,All B complex Vit are effective to increase thyriod glands..,Take Vit D rich food as Fatty Fish..Orange..Soy milk ..cheese...egg yolk.., Add all salads in.ur diet .as cucumber ..kakri ..carrort etc..,Avoid Calliflower Cabbage Brocoli ..it contains natural chemicals called Goitrogens that can interfere wit thyroid harmone synthesis..
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Question: My AFI is 26.6. and platelets count is 1.34 How to lower the AFI and increase platelets count?
Answer: Hi. Dear its not in our hand to decrease afi. For this you will need to consult your doctor. For platelets include following in your diet, but do consukt your doctor once. Include, beet root, fish, meat, zinc supplement, vitamin b-12,g reen veggies as they are good source of vitamin K, and consuming vitamin c rich fruit will help boosting your platelet.
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