24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta to situated anteriorly in lower utrine segment , reaching up to the internal os and has grade O maturity . No evidence of retro placental collection. Is it normal or abnormal at delivery time.

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Answer: Hi dear this position is not good for normal delivery but your uterus can grow and it can shift then there is a possibility that you can have a normal delivery that helps take care
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Question: Placenta is anterior upper segment with lower margin reaching the os Grade "I maturity" meabs what??? Plz help me out
Answer: Hi! Anterior placenta means placenta is on the front wall of the uterus. Baby will be behind that. People say that babies' kicks will be cushioned by placenta if it is anterior and hence one may start feeling the kicks only later in the pregnancy compared to people with posterior placenta. Please dont worry its a very common thing, folllow what your Dr. says and the grading is a terminology used in USG's the grade |, ||, ||| denotes how far you have come along in pregnancy. As you are 22 weeks its showing | but after sometime in your next USG you might see it as || so thats how its calculated. Dont worry if there is any problem in your Pregnancy or report your Doctor will speak to you. Hope this helps!
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Question: 'Placenta is found posterior having grade I-ll maturity. Lower margin of placenta is well above the OS. No evidence of retro placental haemorrhage is seen.' I want to this above history?
Answer: Total report is normal. Posterior means back so it means that your placenta is attached to back side wall of uterus which is really normal. Grade 2 Indicates maturity or ageing of placenta which is good according to gestational age. No haemmorhage means this defect is not found.
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Question: Hi.. Am 35weeks pregnant. My placenta anterior, reaching up-to lower segment, lower edge of placenta seen away from internal or, early grade 3 maturity. I'd it normal?
Answer: It means at the your placenta is at the lower segment, take complete bed rest based on the placental maturity delivery can also be decided. As it it grade 3 right now consult your doctor assessment.
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