28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta posterior fundal grade 3 maturity. What this mean

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Answer: Means placenta is attached at the back side of the uterus and the maturity is grade 3 which is more for this gestational age. Your baby's development should be monitored and your doc will advice further.
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Question: i had scan today n what does it mean placenta fundal posterior grade 2/3 maturity
Answer: Both an anterior and a posterior placenta are normal for both the baby and the mother. When it is in the vertical location of the uterus, this makes it a placenta posterior. When the placenta is on the back wall towards the upper portion of the uterus, it is considered the placenta posterior fundal.
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Question: Fundal posterior placenta grade 1 maturity means
Answer: Hid dear, Placenta Fundal Posterior Grade 1 maturity means, the Placenta is located towards the back of the uterus and Grade 1 shows the maturity of the Placenta. Grading is between 0 and 3, with 3 being the mature placenta at 40 weeks.
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Question: Placenta fundal posterior grade 1 maturity means
Answer: hi dear don't worry this is a very normal report it means that the Placenta is attached to the fundal means upper side and posterior means little back in the uterus which is fine grade one is the aging nothing to worry take care
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