20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta anterior ending low 2 cm from int os. Came in level 2 scan.. What to do?? Is there any risk

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Answer: You need yo be on rest and no workout. only do regular things. not lift heavy. it might csuse bleeding
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    Jamuna Mathi926 days ago

    You have consult doc less 2.5cm go to stitch .it is safe as and complete bet rest is necessary.

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    Himanshu Shilpa Tuli925 days ago

    M worried ..pls tell me what is mental disability test

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Question: In my anomaly scan ,placenta came as posterior "LOW 2.1 CM FROM THE OS" what does it means and what precautions i should take.
Answer: It is known as low lyong placenta...do not worry..it may migrate to upper part of uterus in later weeks of your pregnancy.
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Question: Hello....I got 4 anamoly scan in 18 weeks nd my placenta is low lying reaching d int os...In my NT scan my placenta was not low lying.....Are dere any chances 4 placenta 2 move up????
Answer: Hie If the placenta does not rise upwards even post 20 weeks then it is called low lying or placenta pervia  where in placenta grows towards the lower end of placenta It may block the opening of cervix and and prevent baby from Normal delivery There are 40-50% chances it may rise upwards by 32 weeks   Bed rest is recommended in this case as low lying placenta may cause premature birth or some other complications
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Question: I have done with my level 2 scan.. Placenta - ANTERIOR ending low 2 cums from int os.. What is this exactly?? If there any risk??
Answer: Take bed rest...dont lift heavy objects...walk slowly During this time journey is not safe u need to take complete bed rest...if u take proper rest there are chances to move placenta upwards.....so dont worry...Take rest nd relax everything will be fine
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