21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Placenta Anterior 16mm away from Os 1st grade came in my anamoly scan. Is this what's called Placenta Praevia condition? I know it's a bit serious but it's it as serious as what I read in Placenta Praevia? so I am worried. Is it something I did that brought this and could have been avoided?

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Answer: It is called as low lying placenta.Low lying placenta can as pregnancy progresses move upwards. Certain restrictions like avoiding strenuous physical activity, taking long rough road journeys and sometimes even avoiding intercourse is advised. This condition can be managed by bed rest, progestron tab/inj or cervical stiches called cerclage . Please consult your doctor.
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Question: What does Placenta Anterior 16mm away from Os grade 1 mean? Came in my anamoly scan. Is there anything to worry?
Answer: It means that you are having low lying placenta which is a bit serious condition you will need to take a proper bed rest don't lift any kind of heavyweight make sure that you are not having constipation and also avoid having sex.
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Question: What's placenta anterior grade 1?in this condition normal delivery is possible
Answer: Placenta is slightly low so it is not a complication . In that case normal delivery is possible but you have to avoid heavy work and long way travelling
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Question: I have anamoly scan in 18 weeks 4 days..as it is showing placenta is anterior grade 1 ..what does it mean?
Answer: Hello dear, it just means that you have a healthy placenta which is attached to the front wall of the uterus...
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