16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Pithecellobium dulce is good in pregnancy?? I ate that. But in website they said to avoid eating that.

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Question: At 6 week they scan and they said that heart beat not coming and growth also not good what can I do know
Answer: Dear not to worry, usually baby heart beat and viability can be detect at 6-7 weeks of gestation.sometimes might not able to hear baby heart beat at this weeks.so you can wait till 9 weeks to hear baby heartbeat.please get scan after 10 days to check viability of fetus.continue taking antenatal supplements.all the best
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Question: hy.... is eating peach good in 4th month of pregnancy??i ate 2 peaches today ? is it safe for bby?
Answer: Yes u can have but not in a majority 2 is enough for the day otherwise u can eat whatever ur liking it expect papaya Nd pineapple
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Question: Hello! I want to know that is eating nutella safe during 14 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: If possible, please avoid that since its contains coco powder which is not safe.
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