2 months old baby

Question: Pcv1 injection????

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Question: I want to know about Pcv1 vaccine
Answer: It will protect the baby from lung infection and cold n cough in future i already vaccinated my baby 3 doses every mnth each dose cost 3800
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Question: Is PCV1 injection is mandatory for 7 weeks baby
Answer: PCV and rotavirus is not mandatory vaccination for small babies designations helps to prevent pneumonia and diarrhoea in small babies. That's why it is very important to take this vaccination if you can afford it. This vaccines are little costly that's why not given by any government hospitals. If you are willing to give it to your baby, you have to opt for private hospitals.
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Question: Is pcv1 injection important for babies?
Answer: Well it is not a mandatory vaccination but these days since infections re on rise,I would also suggest you to give it to baby..why to take chance! It is little expensive but totally worth it ..hope baby is not getting peneumonia in future,this vaccine would protect him
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