22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Parallel oriented lateral ventricle dilated occipital horn and higher placed 3rd ventricle possibility of agenesis of corpus callosum, in anomaly scan report come doctor please help me i am so much afraid

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Answer: Hi! There are 2 different things that have come up....lateral ventrical dilated at the occipital horn. In this there is nothing to worry as there is a chance it may resolve on its own . The main is agnesis of corpus callosum. This structure connects the 2 parts of the brain. And if there is non formation of it then baby may face some abnormality. Like low motor coordination like delay in sitting and walking chewing and swallowing difficulties and many other. So normally there is no treatment for it but if a neurologist is consulted they might just give developmental therapy which can work for the baby. In fetus nothing can be done also pls consult with your doctor regarding this as there can be termination of pregnancy done as the baby can have really bad abnormalities so do consult with the doctor.. Be strong and have faith..
Answer: Hi mam thank you for your reply. Myself and my self blood relationship marriage. Moreover my family has two persons with this abormality. In NT scan all come normal but now it shows high risk of corpus collasam agenisis
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Question: Iam 11.5 week pregnant i underwent NT scan on this firday the result is showing as prominent lateral ventricle my doc said the report is normal. But iam worried by this word lateral ventricle is this is any sign of disorder in my baby. Please help me out
Answer: Hi dear. It means one of the baby's ventricle looks larger than the other. Mostly, the babies with this finding have born healthy. Don't worry
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Question: Hi..i had my anomaly scan yesterday and dr said there is excess amniotic fluid and the there is a dialation in lateral ventricle of baby. (10 mm) please help me with this. I am so much worried
Answer: hi dear! dear you will have to mention how much is the fluid as if its more than 20 then you might need treatment but if less than that just bed rest and medicine will be given like indomethacin which will help reduce the fluid . also about the dilatation of lateral ventricle then according to your measurement , its very mild and it will resolve by itself but we need to keep a watch on it through the scans. and if still persists then after delivery we can examine the baby closely and then treat for it dear. so dont worry it will resolve by itself. take care.
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