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Question: Ovary crystal means what, y it takes place ...pls suggest

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Question: I have ovary crystal .... getting tensed...can any one suggest why ovary crystal takes place....pls suggest remidies
Answer: Do u mean cysts? Cysts in the ovaries is small water like substances. Getting pregnant with cyst is difficult. Take the help of doctor when u have monthly cycles. Doctor will give medicines to help you get pregnant as there are various methods. Maintain your diet and exercise well. For cysts, exercise and diet are very important. Even thyroid sometimes need to be checked if you are not getting pregnant.
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Question: I have mild internal bleeding is it dangerous?what precaution takes place for normal pregnancy
Answer: Take complete bed rest and ur gynaec will suggest u to take progesterone substitute. It will heal. No sudden movements and bending.
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Question: Does abortion takes place in seventh month.if it cause what is the reason
Answer: 8 month it causes.. U need to be careful in 7 month even tough abort occurs doctors will put in incubation for next 3 months so need to worry
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