3 months old baby

Question: Our lil one has got ringworm in his head...how to get rid of this...plz suggest

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Answer: Initially go to doctor. Then when it dries take Ayurvedic medicine so that it doesn't repeat
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Question: My baby got big red pimple on his head how to get rid of these
Answer: This can be a birthmark if not elevated or painful. Tell me if this pimple is single or in cluster, seen only on the forehead hairs and not inside the scalp. If you small small pimples on all over your baby's face then these are normal these are known as melia because of granular occlusion and they subside on their own you do not need to apply any cream or ointment and do not try to Rub or scrape off these boils. these will go by themselves in a month but if you see boils in baby's scalp small small boils that are even painful and your baby cries on touching that I will advise you to visit your pediatrician to check whether it is a symptom of cradle cap which will be treated with help of topical fungal ointment and cream please see your pediatrician once
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Question: How to get rid of baby's dandruff on his head? It has grown very deep on his head
Answer: Hello dear It might be cradle cap. Cradle cap is a greasy, yellowish, scaly rash that commonly affects infants in the first few weeks of life. It is normal and common among all the babies. It is mainly caused by the hormones which is passed from mother to babies before birth. These hormones can cause too much production of oil result in cradle cap. Another reason can be due to fungus infection. Shampooing your baby's hair every few days can help prevent cradle cap.
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Question: My baby boy has dandruff kind of thing in his head. Its like patches when ever i rub. Can somebody suggest me how to get rid of this
Answer: Hi dat is cradle crap which ia common to babies. At this age. U can apply olive oil in baby scalp and then let it stay for overnight. Then u can comb ur baby head. And wash it with shampoo. It will get cure.
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