7 months old baby

Question: Our baby looks like swallow tiny process of cloth and she does not have any symptoms present.any method to remove it

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Question: My baby's soft spot looks slightly sunken . Should i worry and is it due to dehydration? Also she does not have other symtoms of dehydration
Answer: Hi dear till the soft spot is healed properly you will notice mild up.or down in that spot so dont touch or look at it . Its absolutely normal ..
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Question: My baby looks too tiny n less weight wat to give so she have good health
Answer: Hi If ur baby is healthy and active then being lean is fine chubby babies can b unhealthy too, if the baby is active and playful dont wory and cobtinue to give wht u usially offer.. Hope this helps!
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Question: hello. can we have sex while planning conceiving after ovolution? does it harm our baby process?
Answer: You can definitely have sex even when you are planning to conceive or after Revolution there is no problem or it won't be a barrier for you you so don't worry
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