9 months old baby

Question: Orofer xt is prescribed to my baby in mrng n night abt 1 ml each...is it good to give??? Shall i reduce the dosage

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Answer: Hello! Orofer xt is iron supplement. Please do not reduce or stop it without consulting the doctor. Talk to your doctor and accordingly decide to stop or go for it. Take care
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Question: Doctor had adviced me to take orofer xt iron tablet ..it increases constipation n gastric...hence i stopped it ...is it ok n whats the alternative for it
Answer: Don't stop taking any medicine without Dr concern. Eat iron rich food like pomegranate juice, spinach, amla etc.
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Question: Is it good to give buttermilk to my 9 month's old baby in the night time?
Answer: Hi deae u can give butter milk bit avoid giving him at night as it is cold in property.u xan give day time. It is a probiotic which is good for baby digestion. Also prefer homemade butter milk.
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Question: My baby has given 6th week vaccination today. Shall I give imol paracetamol syrup. What is the dosage
Answer: Hi.. Please do not decide on the dosage yourself.. Speak to the pediatrician before deciding the dose to be given after vaccination.. Because some vaccination require medication while others do not..
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Question: My baby hb 9.9...doctor prefered (Orofer xt) is it safe...plz ans me
Answer: It's a iron supplement dear. Since your doctor suggested this you can give it baby. Follow the instructions as doctor told you.
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