9 months old baby

Question: Orofer xt is prescribed to my baby in mrng n night abt 1 ml each...is it good to give??? Shall i reduce the dosage

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Answer: Hello! Orofer xt is iron supplement. Please do not reduce or stop it without consulting the doctor. Talk to your doctor and accordingly decide to stop or go for it. Take care
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Question: Doctor prescribed the tablet Ferivent XT is it good
Answer: It is an iron supplement.. and it is safe to take any supplements and medication which are prescribed by your gynecologist during pregnancy..
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Question: Doctor had adviced me to take orofer xt iron tablet ..it increases constipation n gastric...hence i stopped it ...is it ok n whats the alternative for it
Answer: Don't stop taking any medicine without Dr concern. Eat iron rich food like pomegranate juice, spinach, amla etc.
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Question: Hi my baby was 1 year old girl can i give her Orofer xt tonic plz tel me
Answer: Dear, medicines and their dosage should always be consulted with doctor. Consult with doctor if he feels this medicine is needed then only give it to your baby
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Question: My doc has suggested orofer xt for low hameoglobin count . Is it safe to have it.
Answer: Yes, it is safe. I took it daily through out my pregnancy.
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