4 months old baby

Question: One side chest size increase during pregnancy and its still same after delivery

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Question: After delivery i still have same pelvic pain as i suffered during pregnancy . Its painful for me to stand on one leg
Answer: Dear its only been few weeks that you had delivery so its completing normal to have pelvic pain and pressure because your body is still in adjusting with the change ..so don't worry take proper rest and avoid over body exertion and it will be fine on its own..
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Question: Will the breast size increased during pregnancy get backs to normal after delivery? Or ll it be the same?
Answer: Hi Dear Breast size wil keep increasing in pregnancy and while breast feeding and kind of decreases once baby weans feeding but thr r many Yogas which can be practised to decrease it.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello doctor i had a problem during pregnancy that i couldn't lift my hips while sleeping n turning on one side the same problem persists after delivery its been 4 months still i face the same problem kindly help
Answer: Please consult with the doctor since this pain has been going for some time, you need to get a cure for it. The doctor will suggest what to do
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