2 months old baby

Question: One query... 6week i put hexaxim injection to my daughter... Now she at 10week... Shall i proceed pentaxim injection for her, this time instead of hexaxim?

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Answer: Hello dear. Fo any kind of medication you should be consulting doctor and should nit be self medicating. Please consult doctor abd accordingly follow the prescription. Hope it helps.
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Answer: are you baby 6 month on that means you must have just started weaning a baby initially you should give your baby fruits fruit juices that water Rice Water vegetable clear soup than soup steamed vegetable rice or you can give mashed potatoes you can also give please but please wait because it it is fermented it is better to wait at least in the baby is 7 to 8 months old
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Question: Hi, My baby had suffering from cold shall i put her 70 days injection ortherwise when i put injection how long i take time for injection
Answer: do not give any vaccine when baby has cold, cough, fever or other problems. u can give later when baby gets well. there is no need to worry
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