38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: One day ku 3hours nadakuren pain vala mam

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Question: My baby watches television for 2-3hours a day..are there side effects
Answer: Dear a 14 month old addicted to TV isn't good and this habit will increase if he is already watching it 3 hours. He should be more involved in playing and brain devlopment activities. And yes the eyes gets strained as well. So please keep it to minimum use. Hope it helps.
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Question: Mam per day ku evlo neram walk pananum
Answer: Hi Walking during pregnancyhas a lot of benefits, but it is important that you don't push yourself too much during this period. Walking till breathlessness or exhaustion is not good. During the walk, you should be able to talk without gasping for breath.
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Question: 3hours walking daily but no labour pain
Answer: Hi I hope you are comfortable walking 3 hours however if you are comfortable only then you should work for so long and for labor it t depends upon meaning medical factors continue to take your walks.and it should help in getting labour pains also do breathing exercises which will help you are the time of labour
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