7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Nurokind 500 is safe in pregnancy for b12 nd for folic acid

2 Answers
Answer: Yes dear it is safe in pregnancy should should have your medicines regularly and on time..takecare
Answer: It is safe if it's advised by doctor but you should not take it without consultation.
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Question: Is it good to take folic acid 400mcg or folic acid400mcg+ vitamin B12 5mcg tablets before planning pregnancy?
Answer: Its good and recommended to take folic acid 400mcg before pregnancy it helps in proper ovulation and improved chances of fertility. 400mcg+ is taken during pregnancy which helps in baby's brain n spinal development. In addition Vitamin B12 5mcg is also fine to take as it helps in regulating nervous system and prevents spinal bifida in the baby. It also keeps the mother's mental state regulated during pregnancy. Also, these medications helps the chances of getting twins.
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Question: Is cobadex czs is safe in pregnancy with folic acid
Answer: Hi! Cobadex czs is a multivitamin and contains no Iron but a little calcium and folic acid with calcium is not an ideal combination like Iron hence taking them separately is better.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is folic acid tablet is safe in pregnancy?
Answer: Yes... It is safe... Many of doctor prescribed it in pregnancy...U must not directly take it U should ask doctor before taking it...
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