13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Nt scan n dual marker

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Answer: Hi dear, NT scan is Nuchal Translucency test.it is usually done between 11weeks to 14 weeks when the back of baby is translucent.the test detects any chromosomal abnormalities like down syndrome and also congenital heart complications.dual marker test is done post by scan if comes positive.
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Question: Nt scan n dual marker. Test jaruri h karana?
Answer: Hi. Ye sare chekups apke baby ke health ke liye hi hain dear. Taki agar baby me koi defect ho ya abnormality ho to ya to usko thik karein or agar thik hone layak nahi hai to aap decision sahi samay pe le sake. Kai bar defects womb me hi thik ho jate hain. To ye ab aap decide kariye ki ye jaruri hain apke liye ya nahi.
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Question: what is the diff in nt scan and dual marker
Answer: NT scan is a nuchal translucency scan in which the fluid present at the back of baby is measured. enter value should be below 3 mm as with the increase in the empty value there is an increase risk of chromosomal abnormality in babies Double marker test in the blood test in which two markers are measured that is beta HCG and PAPP A are measured. Changes in the values tells you the risk of having chromosomal abnormality like down syndrome trisomy 18 21 in the baby.
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Question: my nt scan is normal n dual marker has problem what to do
Answer: Hi ma'am don't worry think positive...all will be fine.. Your doctor will suggest you the best possible solution...there are many cases which are fine after all these problems.. So don't worry...stay postive..god bless u
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Question: Nt scan and dual marker test is compulsory?
Answer: Hi,nt test is the best to be done because it helps you to know the development if tour baby and also helps to know if there are any abnormalities int he baby .so it is imp to be don't at this week .dual marker test is a blood test that also helps to check the abnormalities of the baby that might be present in the chrome development of the baby.having this yest done at the earlier stage and if any positive results are obtained you can choose to terminate the pregnancy if there are any complications.
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