5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now i a 5w pregnant... whether usg shows the implatation details

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Answer: Hi dear, Scan won't be able to detect when the implantation tool place.but it can only find out the age of your growing baby.
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Question: I am 6w 5d pregnant with twins. But scanning shows that babies are 5w 6d and 5w 5d grown. Is it ok?
Answer: Yes this is okay dear. In pregnancy week 1 is your last period, week 2 is of fertilization and then week 3 is when the implanation takes place. And finally in week four you are missing your periods and pregnant. You are not pregnant til your baby implats itself in week 3. Doctors just use your LMP to figure out a EDD. Hope this is helpful.
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Question: I am 5w pregnant. Can i trevall ??
Answer: Hi! Travelling in pregnancy is safe and completely depends on you as to how confident and comfortable you are while travelling and also it depends if you have a green signal from the Doctor and there is no complication or restriction in your pregnancy but pls maintain.your basic hygiene if you choose to travel in a train use a toilet spray to disinfect the area, sanitizer to keep your hands bacteria free home cooked meala to avoid those pantry food to prevent stomach upset, you can carry a sitting pillow and a bottle of ORS to keep hydrated.. Good luck & hope this helps!
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Question: Hi I registered myself for the PM pregnant scheme. What the steps to update the a/c details ?
Answer: Hello, Government to provide Rs 6000 to pregnant & lactating women.. The cash incentive of Rs 6,000 will be paid in three instalments for the first two live births at the stages of early registration of pregnancy, at the time of institutional delivery and 3 months after delivery if the child birth is registered, child has received BCG vaccination and has received OPV and DPT-1 & 2. The cash transfer would be Aadhaar linked through the individual bank or post office account in DBT mode.
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