8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now baby can hear my voice i am 8week pregnant ?

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Answer: Yes baby listen us. While i am pregnant my baby used to do fighting in my tummy when i watch any action movies . I used to see changes i came to know baby likes and dislikes . You too observe the situation of movements when they are moving . It will be so exciting knowing there movements . Enjoy each and every movement .
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    piramaesh687 days ago

    Thank you sister

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Question: Can baby hear my voice
Answer: Yea dear. By 18 weeks babies starts to hear outside sounds and by 23 weeks they are sensitive towards those sounds. They start even responding to the sounds after 26 weeks so if mother talk to the baby they respond by moving inside. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can baby hear my voice now in 10weeks??
Answer: Hi dear , 10th weeks is too early for your baby to hear your voice but yes ftom 2nd trimester onward as your baby's ear will develop familiar voice or vibration baby can feel and recognise. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is it baby can hear our voice during 8week of pregnancy time
Answer: No dear. Baby start hearing at 18 weeks and becomes more sensative to outside sounds at around 24 weeks. Hope it helps.
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