16 months old baby

Question: Now a days my baby get up at mid night & starts crying he won't sleep at all

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Answer: Hi dear, there is a possibility that he is suffering from some stomach peoblems at ni8. I will suggest you to give him light easy to digest foods at night & dont over feed him. Did you give him antihelminth dropsv with in six months, if not then do a course of albendazol. Some times helminth attack at night causes uneasyness in sleeping.
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    Anu Sharma836 days ago

    Antihelmint should not be given before 1 yrs of age..

Answer: Read somewhere that baby starts dreaming. May be that's the reason crying in between sleeping. Hold the baby closely with you and feed baby if he/she wants .
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Question: Why my baby boy crying at night he doesn't sleep
Answer: Just check if your child has blocked nose or is not feed properly or has gas problem... Following tips might be of help – • Dim lights & have relaxing & calming effect on baby • Instead of complete silence, you can try soft sounds or very soft music which will make the baby fall asleep quickly • Maintain right room temperature • Keep the surrounding clean & less of any distraction • Make your child wear comfortable clothes at night • Give your baby massage morning and once at night. • check if baby if not having cold or congestion issue, as it can disturb sleep • Feed your baby nicely for little longer so that once babys tummy is full, he feel sleepy
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Question: My baby 3 month old, he won't sleep at night, everyday he will start sleep at 1 AM.
Answer: Hello! As your baby is 3 mnths he can easily differentiate between day and night. Try to carry out all your day activities around your baby and during night keep things silent. Fix a bed time routine for your baby. Start with a soothing massage followed by sponge bath. Put on his night dress. Dim the lights og the room. Don't engage your baby in any activity. Follow the routine for 1 month soon he ll adjust to this routine and will sleep at due hours. Take care
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Question: My baby is 20 days old... he won't sleep at night... he cry a lot at night. Plzz help me how I made him to sleep at night
Answer: It is normal dear..it will take some time..normaly 3 months..after that every thing will be normal...and try not tonput bright light in your bedroom..use dim light only
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