32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now I'm enter in 8 month of pregnancy.. I wanna ask is there any complications to stand or walk for 2,3 hours?

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Answer: As you dont feel tired or dizze, you can do everythng...dont make ur self stress or feel tired, take short rest between ur work ,dont lift weight ,n dont pressurise ur abdomen..tc
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    Faiza Kashif841 days ago

    Is there any chance of complications in 8 month of pregnancy

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Question: Hello, is it safe to travel in 29th week of pregnancy in train for 8 to 9 hours. I dont have any complications as of now.
Answer: Hi. Yes you can sure travel dear if you dont have any complication. I too travelled in my last week of 7th month. Just make sure that you dont sit for too long. Keep on laying and little walking in train. Also take all the home made food with you , never have anything from pantry or from platform beside fruits. Good luck.
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Question: hello everyone basically I belongs to dwarka ...I wanna ask for painless delivery n it's charges n is there any complications for painless delivery
Answer: Painless delivery has side effects on both mother and baby. Painless delivery is a highly effective form of pain relief and a useful intervention in certain circumstances. However, it can also cause unintended side effects in both the mother and baby, and interfere with the natural birth process and bonding between mother & baby. It has following effects on labor and laboring mothers: -They lengthen labor. -They triple the risk of severe perineal tear. -They may increase the risk of cesarean section by 2.5 times. -They quadruple the chances a baby will be persistently posterior (POP, face up) in the final stages of labor, which in turn decreases the chances of spontaneous vaginal birth. -They increase the chances of complications from instrumental delivery. -They increase the risk of pelvic floor problems (urinary, anal and sexual disorders) in mothers after birth, which rarely resolve spontaneously. Painless delivery also have side effects for babies. It’s important to understand that drugs administered also enter the baby’s bloodstream at equal and sometimes even higher levels than those present in the mother’s bloodstream. However, because babies’ immune systems are immature, it takes longer for them to eliminate drugs.
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Question: Now I'm enter in 8 month of pregnancy.. I wanna ask is there any complications to stand or walk for 2,3 hours?
Answer: hello dear standing for continuous 2-3 hours in advance pregnancy stage is not recommended. this can cause body stress, body ache , pain in your heels and feet which conversion your health condition.I will suggest you to take 5 to 10 minutes break after every 30 minutes.
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