27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now I entered in 7th monthMy 6th month scan reports says Cervical length is 2.6And 2 weeks back I took another scan to check my reports Cervical length is 3.4..now Shall I travel for 7 hours journey ??

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Answer: Totally depends on how comfortable you feel travelling. I would suggest to travel only in your private car and if there are no bumpy roads.
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Question: Hi, I m 21 weeks pregnant. Is it advisable to travel for 11 hours by train during 7th month?. My cervical length is 3.1cm. All other reports are normal.
Answer: Dear train travel is absolutely safe to be done during pregnancy. Still just to be on safer side consult your gynae once so that she agrees to it. However train travel is fine and safest during pregnancy. Make sure to take the lower birth and cwrry food and water from home. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi, I completed 12 weeks of pregnancy, now I can travel for 3-4 hours journey?
Answer: It's not safe to travel. My doctor suggested me not to travel at all. See it can cause complications. So if its important then you can talk to your doctor and she can tell you exactly if iys safe for you or not.
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Question: I want to go my another home. That is 6 hours journey. May I travel now..?? I am 7 weeks pregnant.
Answer: Yes it's safe to travel during the early weeks of pregnancy. However, if your doc has mentioned that your pregnancy requires you to take rest then it's in the best of your interest to avoid travelling. Having said that, it's also very important to take every precaution while travelling during pregnancy (be it any week). Do avoid long hours where you have to remain seated. Keep taking breaks where you walk around a bit. Stay hydrated. Keep eating mini meals at regular intervals of time (that takes care of your sugar level). And dont feel shy to ask for help from your fellow passengers whenever you feel the need for it. Remember, pregnancy is a beautiful phase. Enjoy every bit of it. Enjoy responsibly and you and your baby should be fine!
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