33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now I am in 8th month of pregnant.if I press my chest it seems some drops are coming which are white in color. is it OK ?

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Answer: Ya its normal ...... I feel the same ..... Now i am 28 weeka and i havr the same thing happened to me
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Question: I am 2mnths pregnant... Now in my brest white colour liquid coming... Why it coming now ???
Answer: Yes dear It is normal that breast is licking in pregnancy. As early as the 16th to 19th week, you may notice a yellowish discharge, called colostrum, from your nipples. This just means that your breasts are getting ready for breastfeeding. Colostrum is the "pre-milk" that helps protect your baby from disease during the first few days of breastfeeding. If your breasts are leaking colostrum: 1. Use breast pads inside your bra to soak up leaks. 2. After your shower, let your breasts air-dry for a few minutes
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Question: Daily Black stool are coming is it any problem i am now 8th month pregnency
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Black stool is due to iron intake. Most of the moms can't digest iron and so they get black stools,but not all moms. So please don't worry. If you are not using iron or see any other symptoms contact doctor. Take care
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Question: My one month baby has some white color acnes are in her face what is it?
Answer: Dear those are normal and even my daughter had it. Tiny white bumps that are there at birth and disappear within a few weeks are called milia, and they're not related to acne. If the irritation looks more rashy or scaly than pimply, or it appears elsewhere on your baby'sbody, he may have another condition, such as cradle cap or eczema. Hope it helps.
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