34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now I am 8months pregnant.I am not getting sleep in the night and in early morning I am getting sleep.please give me suggestions to get sleep at night.

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Answer: Hello! Insomnia or sleeplessness is common during the pregnancy. Try these for some help 1. Drink plenty of water 2. Have warm milk before bed 3. Do meditation 4. Avoid caffeine as muxh as possible. 5. Keep away from stress. Take care
Answer: Take dinner early at 7.00pm and switch off your room lights and avoid using mobile laptop etc
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Question: Hii i am not getting enough sleep at night and feeling too much tired in the morning what can i do to get nice sleep
Answer: Hi friend day time mat Sona. Raat ko sone se pahle banana kha lena jismein magnesium hoti hai usse neend aati hai take care
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Question: I am not getting sleep in the night at all.is der any remedy to get sleep
Answer: Hii these are regular issue during pregnancy. U can follow below steps to have a good sleep.  Daily exercise  can also help promote more restful sleep, so — no matter what’s keeping you up — try to get 30 minutes of walking or swimming in a day.Aching back Putting a pillow between your legs while you sleep can ease the pressure.Leg cramps Elevate your legs as much as you can during the day while you’re sitting. Even better: Ask your partner for a calf massage. After all, the better you sleep, the better he’ll sleep. Eat light food at night and try to have dinner 2 hours before sleeping. Avoid gassy foods. Eat fresh fruit and vegetable.  
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Question: Hi i al not getting sleep properly at night time. Early morning i will get sleep. Night i am feeling more thirsty.what to do
Answer: Hi! Dont worry dear its normal in the first trimester, try to sleep whenever you can, stop having gassy or oil rich food at night and also have your dinner atleast before 2 hrs of sleep, this help in digesting the food well, and dry mouth is because of hormonal isses fr which ud water intake has become high..Dont worry it will be gone from 2nd trimester onwards.. Hope this helps!
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