8 months old baby

Question: Normal water drink my baby it's no problem

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Answer: Always give boiled water
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Question: my 8 month old baby doesn't drink water.. it's summer know... so only I ask.
Answer: hello dear give him plenty of water in steel feeding bottles or glass feeding bottles dear.. or you can feed him liquid juices, coconut water, butter milk also..if you are introducing first time start with tiny steps and observe for the changes..
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Question: My regular habit to drink a warm water every morning so there is no problem to conceive a baby
Answer: No warm water is good before pregnancy during pregnancy n after pregnancy
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Question: Now can I drink normal water .... before I used to drink hot water becoz if my baby get cold know so used to drink hot water now it's summer season so can I drink cool water
Answer: Hi dear yes u can Have normal room temp. Water and avoid cold water ss it can give u cold to u. Having normal water is absolutely fine.
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