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Question: Normal value of AMH ...30 yrs age ....plzz tell me wt value of Amh ll b for getting pregnant

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Question: My age is 30 currently my AMH value is 1.8 ,please guide how to improve the AMH value
Answer: Hello dear. Dear A normal level is greater than 2, and this would correlate with normal fertility. Much like any other test processed in a lab, mistakes can be made and tests sometimes need to be performed twice to ensure reliability. Don`t let a low AMH take away your hope of having a family…there is still a reasonable chance that a pregnancy can occur. Some natural ways to raise AMH levels includes those suffering from a vitamin D deficiency were significantly more likely to suffer from a low AMH compared to those without vitamin D deficiency. Consult your doctor for a vitamin D supplement. Supplementing with DHEA is also showing a lot of promise for those with low AMH.  Please talk to your doctor about supplementing with DHEA as taking this on your own is not recommended. And finally a healthy and balanced diet plays a very important role. Hope it helps.
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Question: Am 30 weeks pregnant nw...n my wt 83 kg ,27 yrs old... whether its possible to get normal delivery..or my wt ll create any problem..
Answer: Due to weight you have problem to get normal delivery .Dr will not take any risk that my Dr told me i am also overweight
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Question: Plzzz mam tell me yesterday was my periods...wt ll b the ovulation day for me....n today i hve no bleeding...wt is cause...plzzzz reply
Answer: Aap 1 week k bad test Kar Lena says aap pregnant bho
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