17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Nodal bone appeared very short in NT scan is a complications or not

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Answer: Hi dear I would love to help you but I am really confused because one is the nuchal translucency this value should be less. And if you are talking about the nasal bone. in that case the doctor will ask you to do some more test to confirm if there is any genetic disorder with the baby take care
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Question: In my NT scan nasal bone unremarkable...is it ok ..
Answer: Hi dear, nasal bone length in USG is a growth marker. Short or undetectable nasal bone indicates developemental problem in baby. To ensure yor doctor may ask you fir double & triple marker tests. Its not same & correct in all the case but you need to consult your doctor for further investigation. Take care.
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Question: If nasal bone is not indicate in nt scan is there any problem
Answer: Please show your report to your gynecologist... Your radiologist might have asked you for re scan after one day... Some time baby is not in the correct position to measure the nasal bone... I have had also faced the same issue...but after one day radiologist find some estimated measurements... Please go for double marker... If everything is OK in double marker then no issue... Nasal bone exact measurement can be found in next anamoly scan... Don't worry Pls once discuss with your gynecologist...
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Question: Nasal bone ossified?? Means in NT scan
Answer: dear, this is the nose tip or nose thin bone.,the nasal bone, There is an absence of the nasal bone in every normal fetus in. the early pregnancy. but dontworry it will b cover up after few weeks.
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