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Question: No questions actually. My EDD is 12.3.2019.but suddenly on 23 february it started pain and i gave birth to a baby in normal delivery. As little premature born baby had to be kept in icu for one day. Then we returned home.

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Question: I had my periods on 8 th February. From 12 th feb we are having intercourse regularly once in a day. My age is 28 and my husband age is 29 . Can i get pregnant ? We have been married six months ago. And we have been trying to get pregnant since then. Can i get pregnant this month? And also when we had intercourse today i got some irritation kind of infectious.. can u suggest some home remedies?
Answer: For getting pregnant you can start having intercourse after 6th day of period to 16 day ..No need to do it daily .. You can try it on every alternate days ..If you have regular menstrual cycle . Consume folic acid tablets , three months before you start trying for pregnancy .. Yu can start it now . It will prevent your body from birth defects. Avoid doing intercourse when you or yr partner have infections .. Stay positive you will get a healthy baby 🤱 😊
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Question: My baby girl is 4.5 months now. She was born very fair and after 5 days she started getting dark day by day. We had kept her in morning sun for 20 minutes for 25 days as she had mild jaundice. This made her skin dark. Now complexion in face has improved, but in body it is taking much time. Any suggestions?
Answer: Hi, Complexion is purely hereditary, any treatment can only control the production of melanin and lighten the skin by a few shades. 1 – Use kasturi turmeric as it will remove the facial hair, when hair falls the complexion will lighten. Use this with few drops of milk and always use a pinch of turmeric. 2- Chiksa powder will be available at any Unani store, you can apply that with few drops of lime. Please always do a patch test on the hands. 3- Many people swear by rubbing atta mixed with ghee on the skin of babies. I have not tried it as Im against using ghee and butter on kids, it blocks the pores. 4- Apply egg white on your kids face before bath. Let it dry for few mins before wash. 5- Apply sandal wood powder. Its better if you could buy a block and make a paste as store bought powders are mostly adulterated. 6- Milk cream is very efficient in controlling the melanin production. 7- Always use a sunscreen. 8- Do not use oily creams or lotions on babies. Always use a water based lotion like cetaphil or aquasoft. 9- Use almond oil for baby massage, it has skin lightening properties. 10-Many people have told me that using atogla lotion has improved their baby’s complexion, not sure but the lotion is safe.
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Question: iam 37 weeks pregnant now, doctor gave Edd as June 17 Nd told everything is normal, everyone says babies will be born before one week of given Edd so anyone tell me on which date I can expect baby birth as iam working lady I need to arrange for leaves
Answer: It is not possible to calculate exact date of delivery i would advice you to start leaves at the begining of ninth month or atleast 15 days before your delivery to give you time to prepare for your baby and also get adequate rest.
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