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Question: No pragnancy semtem and no morning siknac is good or bad

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Answer: Hi dear as every pregnant lady is different so u can't guess with the symptoms about the health pregnancy some women dont get ant symptoms at all and get along pregnancy very well. So u r some of the lucky once. Do take a proper diet.
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Question: During pragnancy drumstick is good or bad for health
Answer: Hi dear, Yes! You can safely include drumstick in your pregnancy diet. In fact, it can prove to be quite healthy for your pregnancy. However, as with all other veggies, you need to wash the drumsticks thoroughly before you consume them. The unwashed vegetable may contain harmful parasites, bacteria, and traces of pesticides that could complicate your pregnancy. So, remember to eat drumsticks in moderation while you are expecting.
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Question: Sleeping in day time good or bad during pragnancy?
Answer: No worry, take some rest (sleeping) is good in day time. My doctor suggested to sleep at least 30 to 1 hour in day time.
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Question: starting of 4 month morning walk is good or bad
Answer: Morning walk is good dear... but do not walk too much.. normal paced walk for around 10 minutes is good for your health. It will increase blood flow and helps regulate your hormones. It will also help manage mood swings.
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Question: Drink warm water in morning is good or bad
Answer: Yes dear It is safe to drink warm water during pregnancy as it helps combat dehydration, fatigue and infections but don't drink too much hot water as it can cause burns in your mouth and throat.
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