10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: No heart beat .. feeling tensd..

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Answer: Hello, usually the heartbeat comes in the 6th week of the pregnancy and you would be able to see only in the 8th week to an ultrasound I would suggest you to wait for few more weeks as sometimes they might be mis calculation of your conception date. your gynecologist will guide you on this please do not worry your baby will be safe .
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    Mayu Vidhate936 days ago

    Hey no heartbeat means not seeing anything or no gestational sac??

Answer: U will not be able to hear the heartbeat during 10th week. If you are tensed, better consult your doctor & ask her for an ultrasound scan.
Answer: Consult doctor immediately
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Answer: Dear technically at 6 weeks you should see a fetal pole , but because you may be a little more or less than a week off from that date and conception must be late so it isn't unusual to not see one. It is too early to look for the heartbeat though. Get a HcG test done that will help you to know the week of pregnancy..
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Answer: Dear please stay calm and positive. If the scan is not showing heartbeat your doctor may say to wait for another 1 or 2 weeks to repeat the scan to see if the heartbeat becomes visible. So do as your gynae says. Hope it helps.
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Answer: Wait for it till 8 to 9months . Have faith n be positive
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