7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: No gestational sac means what?

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Answer: Hi dear don't worry and do wait for atleast 9 week for next ultrasound as sometimes sac is not detectable so early. So don't get upset and go for the scan till 9th week
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Question: What does this line means.....contain single gestational sac with embryo within....what does sac means
Answer: An embryo is usually seen within the gestation sac by 6 weeks gestation.... One of more common types of miscarriage known as an anembroyonic pregnancy, empty sac, or blightened ovum,happens when a gestational sac does not contain an embryo.. Sac means a cavity within an organism enclosed by a membrane and containing air liquid or solid structures
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Question: No gestational sac
Answer: Hi dear if till 8th week ur baby heartbeat and gestational sac is not visible then doctor may wait for some weeks and recall u till 10th week. If still no sac then may be doctor has to do abortion.
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Question: early intrauterine gestational sac with mild periG-sac collection means what. No Fetal pole is present means.plz ans
Answer: Hi If the fetal pole is not evident you might be asked to get another repeat scan done .Absence of fetal pole could mean the pregnancy will not progress further
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