8 months old baby

Question: Nite time while sleeping my baby moves alt,almost the entire nigth she will be moving, sometimes even bang the legs on mattress continuously,she will turn more than 5times in a min,then after i feed her for a min she will be quiet for 15-20mins and then the story continues...sometimes she even cry while sleeping,even if i hold her in my arms to calm her she will be moving in arms.

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Answer: Hi dear, This restlessness would be there for some time.as baby is reaching each and every milestone in every months,some babies often try to sit up in sleep and also try to stand.it is a natural thing.should be fine .have patience.
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    Sneha Garodia835 days ago

    Hi Iranika. Thankx for your reply,yes sje sometimes sit too. Cz of her this activity I am not able to sleep at all,I am ok to get up at nite and feed her as much she wants but cz of her continious movments I am just not able to sleep.i hope this ends soon and she too sleep peacefully.

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