Few weeks old baby

Question: Nanna magu sariyagi urine pass madodila daily two times madute

2 Answers
Answer: Hello, nimma Muggu sariyagi urine pass madta illa andre breastmilk sariyagi koodista illa anta. Neevu hote thumba hallu koodisi nodi amele magu chenagi toilet madute. Bere yenadru reason idre doctor hatra check up madisi.
Answer: Pls use bonnisan for this
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Question: New born baby didn't pass urine 6 or 7 times daily only 3times
Answer: Feed to your baby every 2nd hourly and when ever baby demand the feed and also u drink plenty of water
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Question: Gracia pass stool 4-5 times daily
Answer: The babies do not have a fully developed intestine, and hence they do not absorb food very well.Therefore, it is normal for infants to pass frequent and watery stool. Give your baby BRAT diet (banana, rice, Apple sauce, toast) only, in his meals.. Additionally, apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice in a day.. It will give your toddler some comfort..
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Question: How many times baby should pass urine
Answer: Urination. Your baby may urinate as often as every one to three hours or as infrequently as four to six times a day. Mark my answer as helpfull and have a safe pregnancy 😊
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