38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Nala walking poren enum pain vala

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Answer: Pain last week varadu don't worry
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Question: 37weeks neraiya walking poren no hip pain stomach pain epo varum pls solunga mam
Answer: you are close to your due date . you may get pain exactly on the due date also . it cannot be predicted . keep walking keep doing exercises for for possibilities of normal delivery if your doctor has taught you . have support hold someone or something and sit up and down . you could do 5 or 10 or 15 up and down sitting how much ever you can you do don't strain . don't worry you have completed almost 98% of your successful pregnancy . you will get pain like periods that is intolerable . keep track of your baby movements if it is less or inappropriate you must go to doctor immediately . if you find any liquid that is expelled during urination or when you walk a sudden gush of liquid then also you must go to doctor immediately . do breathing exercise that will help you . I know you are exited to meet your new one but please wait you have waited for 37 weeks and almost one week to go .. the day you will get pain cannot be predicted . it may happen anytime so be ready . stay strong and stay happy think of the beautiful face you are going to meet in few days . many congratulations thank you
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Question: Mam enaku 24 weeks aguthu starting baby thudipu nala therichathu but eppo nala theriyala doctor kita pona heart beat nala irukunu solaringa any problem irukuma pls reply
Answer: Heart beat nalla irundha scan la problem edhum illa sis.. idhaya thudipu ungaluku veliya feel panna mudiyadhu adhu ultrasound la mattum dan theriyum.. ungaloda baby movements ipo ungaluku theriyum.. vayiru veliyavum asaivu inum sila varangal la nalla theriyum.. baby ulla safe uh irupanga.. idhayathudipu baby du epayum namaku theriyadhu so worry panikadhinga..
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Question: Baby thala enum kila varalanu solluranga,varathuku ena pananum
Answer: It will happen normally we can't do anything for that... It will come below while before the delivery date... If you are checking with private hospital please try check with govt hospital
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