26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Naku urine vediga vast undi koncham durdaga undi..plz any solution

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Answer: Hi dear Urine vediga vastundi ante meeru liquid diet ekkuva teeskondi.include coconut water barley fruit juices buttermilk curd inur diet.try dri king vakkaya juice to avoid itching.itching is also may be due to some bacterial infeection so it is gud to consult doctor.
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Question: 26weeks pregnant naku apudapudu vegina daggara baga pain vast undi..enduku ala...bayam ga undi plz reply
Answer: Hello, Bhayapadakandi.okkosari edyna infection unna ala vasthundi.okasari doctor dagaraku vellandi.mamuluga kastha pain untndi miru baga ekuva antunnaru kabatti okasari doctor ni kalisi cheppandi,doctor chusi edyna infection unte tablets istaru.Infection ante bhayapadalsina pani ledu.pregnancy lo common ga vastayi
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Question: Dr rinky madam urine vediga ostundi piga e roju mantaga undi madam
Answer: Burning sensation during urine is a sign of urinary tract infection You should consult your doctor about this, she may ask you to the urine analysis done, so please get it done to rule out the infection Till then drink lots and lots of water include coconut water buttermilk juices etc
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Question: Na Stomac iroju naku koncham gattiga ainattu anpistundi koncham pain kuda vastundi plz reply me plz
Answer: This normal dear even i feel the same doc said nothing to worry pain baby growth valla tummy layers stretch avuthundhi so mild pain common, if pain is unbearable then doc ni consult avvadam good
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