18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: NT scan report effect anamoly scan report?

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Answer: No not really. NT scan report helps to identify if there is any chances of chromosomal abnormality but in case of anomaly scan it will try to detect if there is any structural abnormality in baby. But If any risk detected in NT scan, some of it's reflect can be shown in anomaly scan as well. All the best. Take care.
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Question: My NT scan report is normal..then anamoly scan is it take important to me.??
Answer: Hi, NT scan is mainly done to check if the baby has any chromosome related defects like down syndrome etc. But an anomaly scan is done to check the uterus to see the baby's position, amniotic fluid around the baby and more. So it is very important to take the anamoly scan. Hope this helps😀👍
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Question: If NT scan is good then anamoly scan report will also be good.. Is it right?
Answer: No.. NT scan will check for few abnormalities like fluid at back of neck.. anomaly scan will check entire abnormalities like kidney, heart, lungs development etc..
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Question: If NT scan and anamoly scan report results same type??
Answer: No dear both are different scans but check if there is any abnormalities in growing baby...
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