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Question: My wife's cervix length is 2.9 at 16 weeks pregnancy.... Doctor has advised for cervical cerclage. After cerclage, can we hope for a normal delivery??

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Answer: Hllo dear ur wife s at 16 weeks in this time cervix lenth should be 4.0 to 5.0 cms ur wife s cervical length s 2.9 cms so its short so its nessasary to do cervical cerclarge. after cervical celarage if every thing ll be normal then may be her gyno try 4 normal delivery . Cervical cerclage (cervical stitch to prevent pregnancy loss or premature birth) has been placed then the guideline is to remove it once the woman goes into latent phase or active labor in the labor room.so its depends on situation.so after cervical celarage she should taje medicine as her gyno instruction ,take complete rest ,avoid stress , avoid carry heavy things too .take care.
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Question: My cervical length is 2.9 my doctor advised complete bed rest. Will it help in increasing cervical length
Answer: Not increasing.. But bed rest help against decreasing cervical length
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Question: my wife at 13 weeks pregnancy has a cervical length of 3.1 cm. Bed rest has been advised by doctor. Is this anything to worry about and what should be normal cervical length ?
Answer: She should have proper bed rest Mine cervix length was 2.5 at 19weeks and I have been on complete bed rest since then post getting cervical cerclage done....better to take precaution...
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Question: 31 weeks pregnancy cervical length 2.9 is normal?
Answer: It's little smaller than Normal. But ok as per your weeks of pregnancy. Avoid doing any heavy work that can stress your stomach to avoid complecation. Take care.
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