32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is under treatment of cough and fever. Yesterday upto afternoon see feels baby movement (she is 30 weeks pregnant) but now she didn't feel the movement. Please suggest.is it ok everything?

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Answer: hi dear! does she feel no movements at all or decreased movements . normally baby movements increase in the mornings and the evenings. but if you feel the movements are decreased or there are no movements at all other then you should visit your doctor first dear. if there are decreased movements in the afternoons that is fine but if you experience it the whole day then your baby has to be evaluated if everything is fine . take care dear.
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Question: hi , my wife she is 13 weeks pregnant , from today she feels cold and slight fever . please suggest some solution's
Answer: nothing to worry .. she can take only plain paracetamol 4 any pain or fever n for cold she can steam 4 Vicks ...
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Question: Hi my wife is 29 weeks pregnant. The movement of the baby are getting reduced than before. Is everything OK?
Answer: I usually has the baby is growing the moments to become stronger at the moment separating reduce the pure white shirt brand is she should a cold milk and take good rest by lying down towards the left side if nothing else you should consult to the doctor
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Question: hii,,my wife is 31 weeks pregnant,she feels movements regularly,, but from two days she dnt feel heavily the movement,,is there any prblms??
Answer: Hello Dear yu will definitely have less movement when compared in yur 6 n 7 month. Now yur baby is fully developed n has taken maximum available space in yur womb. Less movement no problem but as yu said no movement yu can drink something cold n sweet n lie down for sumtym yu feel start feeling. If no then call or meet yur gynacolgist she may do a scan. Take care
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