24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is in 6th month of pregnancy and now from the last two days she is feeling pain in upper stomach part (in hindi its called Kaleja) what is the problem??

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Answer: Dont wry ye normal kyunki jaise jaise pregnancy k mnth increase hote hain uterus jise bachedani khte hai wo dhire dhire bache ko apne andar surakshit rkhne k liye failta hai aur sharir k baki ango ko thoda sa hatate hue apne liye jgh bnata hai jiske wajah se ye drd ho jata hai
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Question: My wife 9 th week pregnant still she feeling pain in the right lower part of stomach.. Is it safe.?
Answer: No problem it's starting of delivery pain. She will feel this sometimes still pregnancy. My factor advised me.
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Question: feeling gas pain in upper part of stomach what can I take to relieve it? pain only in upper area
Answer: Hello, Dear here are a few tips on how to relieve abdominal pain during pregnancy; Take small meals every short time to prevent abdominal pain and gas formation. Drinking sufficient quantities of water can prevent abdominal pain caused by constipation and bloating. It keeps the metabolic system up and going and prevents dehydration. As the pregnancy proceeds, the uterus starts to grow and occupy more space. This pushes onto the urinary bladder and increases pressure on the bladder. If urine is not passed frequently then abdominal pain is felt. Therefore, it is advised that women should urinate more often if they feel pain frequently. Try removing potential food triggers from your diet one at a time, until your gas symptoms improve.
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Question: I am feeling baby kicks in the very lower portion of the abdomen from last two days. Not feeling from the upper or mid portions. Any problem ?
Answer: hi dear there is no problem in this because babies tend to move little by little so don't need you worry much about it you can feel the baby's movements and kick all over your stomach in the following days so don't worry or don't panic about it
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Question: Hello I'm 36week pregnant feeling stomach pain in upper part of my stomach is it problematic
Answer: Hi,this can be due to acidity.You should take plain cold milk ,this will be very effective.Try having more fluids.Take peppermint.This should help You should make sure you eat somewhere every 2 hours.This will help.
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