11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is 3months pregnant and she had a light bleeding problem. Is it any harm to baby?

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Answer: Please consult doctor
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Question: Hai my wife 19 week pregnant she had a moston problem and some skin pimples over the body.. any solutions
Answer: Pimple r common due to tablet takn. Eat banana. Drink min 4-5 litres of water. Made a walk.. Don't too lie on bed rest sit
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Question: My wife has gained 16kg weight and she is just six months pregnant. Is it a sign of any problem.
Answer: If you were normal weight, doctors advise to gain 10-16 kg total.Less than this may mean a smaller baby and more may cause extra problems of gestational diabetes, joint pain, difficult labour. If you are overweight, doctors may say gain max 10 kg  However, 2-3 kilos out of this range is ok I feel. Every woman is different, some may have lot of water retention for example which adds to kilos. As u have already gained 16kg till 6 months then please stop taking sugar content from ur diet as it can cause problem in labour. Rest u talk to ur doctor how to manage ur weight gain
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Question: My wife is 12 week pregnant today she told light bleeding happened is it Normal or any problem
Answer: In some members it's common nd some members not..so please consult ur doctor once ...I faced same problem in my 9. Th week pregnancy then I got abortion so dont take risk
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