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Question: My wife is 32 weeks pregnant. Amniotic Fluid Index is 8.6 which is at lower levels of average. Any suggestions to improve the AFI

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Answer: Drink coconut water and have watermelon in regular basis
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Question: My amniotic fluid index is 19.3 at 33 weeks.. is there any chance of getting increase in the of AFI till 37 weeks?
Answer: Hi dear, Your Amniotic fluid index is slightly above the range.it might or might not increase in coming weeks.it depends on your body.i hope your sugar levels are fine.many a times ladies with gestational diabetes have tendency to increase their fluid levels.keep monitoring the levels in 2 weeks.if remain uncontrollable c section could.be administered ,and babies born are larger.
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Question: My amniotic fluid index is 21.5 cm at 32 weeks...is it dangerous?
Answer: Hello The normal ameotic fluid level at 32 weeks should be abt 8 to 18. Your Afl is on the higher side. It's usually harmless but if it increases further it can cause serious complications in ur pregnancy .the ameotic sac can rupture due to the pressure. Meet ur doctor and discuss the options available.
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Question: Low amniotic fluid at 32 weeks. Afi is 8.3.how to increase amniotic fluid. Please let me know.
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Amniotic fluid can be increased by taking lots of liquids such as Water, coconut water, fruit juices and butter milk. You can prefer fruits and vegetables with more water such as watermelon, cucumber etc. If your fluid levels does not increase you need to talk to doctor. Take care
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