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Question: My wife is 27 week pregnant, baby someday show only 2 or 3 movement is this normal?

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Answer: At this stage there should be good strong movements of minimum 10.. Please ask your wife to keep a count and track.. If the movements are less or lighter hen immediately the doctor should be informed..hope this helps
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Question: My wife is 27 week pregnant, since today's morning she is feeling baby movement only when she is sleeping on her right side. Is it ok?
Answer: This is completely normal. Feeling your baby movements is a good sign that your baby is hail and healthy and moving normally. For some women baby movements are felt while lying on the right side or left side and even after eating something or after every meal. So this is a good sign that everything is normal.
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Question: Hello doctor iam 27 week pregnant 2 days I can't feel baby movement is it normal
Answer: Hi dear there are many woman who do not feel the movement it is a little butterfly kind of movement in the Tummy maybe you are ignorant of that it also depends on our body build. As long as You reports are fine this is ok
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Question: My wife is 23 weeks pregnant. She is feeling baby movement thrice or four times a day. Is this normal?
Answer: Movement should be 10 times in 12 hr..sometimes we miss the moves of the baby while working so dont worry..eat sweet and lie down in left side you will.feel the movements
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