9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is 2 months pregnant. When she woke up today morning, she has been feeling stomach pain in the lower abdominal area. Please help what to do?

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Answer: Getting lil abdominal at this stage is common. Is bleeding seen. If either pain increases or bleeding starts meet ur doc immediately
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Question: Hello, my wife today is in her 12 week off pregnancy. Since morning she was having mild lower abdominal pain which has subsided now. Is lower abdominal pain is concerning right now. Thanks for the help.
Answer: Hi...there is nothing to worry as this pain can be related to gas pain and which is very normal..A hot water bottle or heating pad might help.Drink lots of liquids to stay hydrated and also avoid having fried foods in pregnancy...take care
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Question: M 19 weeks pregnant i have pain in my lower abdominal its only happens when I woke up in morning what should I do doctor
Answer: Whenever you get up from your lying position...move to your left side and then gently get up. The pain is caused when you get up straight.. a pressure forms up on the uterus...
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Question: My wife has been sufferring from fever from today morning. What should we do now? She is 11 week pregnant.
Answer: Fever is normal during first trimester its due to hormonal changes.... But still consult ur doctor bcoz every pregnancy is different and every body is different
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